Hamdy A. Azim
Clinical Oncologist, Egypt

Dr Azim is a Professor of Clinical Oncology and immediate past chairman of the Department of Clinical Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. He is the president of the Cairo Oncology Center, one of the largest private Cancer centers in the Middle East region. Dr Azim chairs the scientific committee of the NCCN Middle East chapter and is a member of numerous societies, including the ASCO, ASH, ESMO, ASTRO and the European Blood and Marrow Transplantation Society. He has been principal investigator for many multicenter clinical trials and has published more than 80 papers and he was the chief editor of 2 educational books ( ASCO – PANARAB Lymphoma Conference (1999) and the MD Anderson Cancer Centre / Cairo University joint meeting (2006). Dr Azim serves as a referee for the Annals of Oncology Journal, THE BREAST, BMC Cancer, Chemotherapy journal , Advances in Cancer Research & Treatment, Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute, and the Chinese Clinical Oncology Journal.