Message from Congress President

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the entire EIOC team it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Dubai! I welcome you all to join us as we continue our journey towards achieving Excellence in Oncology Care.

Over the past decade, we have brought together some of the finest multidisciplinary Oncology Care specialists and oncology medical education to the UAE. EIOC 2023 is being organized in collaboration with Arab Association of Urology (AAU) & Arab School of Urology (ASU), and in conjunction with APMEA Molecular Tumor Board & Asia Pacific Middle East Biosimilar Summit.

As data, research and science evolves rapidly – we trust EIOC will be the platform where healthcare providers can Access, Collaborate, & Educate for better patient care.

EIOC 2023 will host global experts who will conduct dedicated sessions addressing the most current topics in Bio Similars, Immuno Oncology, Molecular Tumors and 14 other sub-specialities ranging from Nursing to Imaging in Oncology Care.

EIOC 2023 will be hosted in Dubai from 06 – 08 October, 2023.

We look forward to seeing you in Dubai for better medical education for all Health Care Professionals at EIOC 2023!

Shaheenah Dawood
United Arab Emirates